Howdy, Im the  wierd guy... *NOTE* I said Guy.. as in.. only guy..
Well.. I may not write DBZ stuff But Zuci instisted that My story be here...

(Non- DBZ stuff)

In the Year...  (R) (AR, angst, death, sap, humor, B/G)


(S) Sap
(W) Waffy
(P) poetry
(SS) Series story's
(OS) one shots
(B/G) Blood and or Gore
(AR) Another reality- not of fanfiction
(Angst) anxiety, or torturing feelings
(Death) someone dies
(Humor) Story involves Funny stuff

(G) anyone can read
(R) Adult related themes
(NC17) Sex and/or gore- 17 and above only

Tags for NC-17
    (L) Lemon- Descriptive Sex
    (Y/Y) Yaoi/Yuri- Homosexual scenes
    (SQ) Squick- Grosses people out
    (M/S) Master/ Slave- Someone dominating over someone
    (NCS) Rape
    (Beast) Bestiality- sex with animals

Stories that are rated R or NC-17,  means that if you are not 17/above or don't like to read about sex or sex related or explicit blood and gore, then you need to leave! Just press the little back arrow or connect to another part of this site. If your Mommy catches you on this site, its not my fault. You have had proper warning.