ack, school has started for all us the crew here... that means a few less updates, oh well, live.. lol. Okay, so today in my school we had a pep rally, and you all proly know how annoying those are, unless your a cheerleader or football player or something. Well, just so that every one can get a laugh, a dance team member fell and screwd up the entire thing, then after the smoke and train noises for our football team was over I saw the funniest thing! One of the players had fallen when he ran out and triped up all the others!!! it was great! and this year, the only reason that my voice is all crappy and horse is cause I was laughfin so damn hard!!! bwahahaha!!!

Well, the crew have been working thier tails, wings, ears... and ect. off to get the site ready for uptading to the web.... and finally we did! So now the site is updated, hopefully all the suggestions were fullfilled and the site is hopefully alot less busey. Busey as in.. layout, not as in traffic. We like it when there is alot of traffic... :>

You would not belive the crap that the crew has been shovling lately. Our home base operations center crashed because of the dreaded father curse. We were never really sure why we have this curse, but nonethe less, its there. Because of the forgettfull nature of the curse, most of the time, the crew escapes with little to no frustration, but lately the tenshion levles have been riseing. With the push from the overwhelming hits to add more info and origional art to the site, the crew members were pulling all nighters. It was at that moment, in the wee hours of the early morning, when the dreaded curse struck and compleatly obliterated the server...
This was of course an outrage to the Benevolent Zuci-sama, and while she recovered from the shock in her Anime consoleing room(TM), the rest of the hard working crew was set on peicing together the shattered remains of the loved computer.
So, in rememberance of the origional holder of the muched adored site, we here at DBEX ask you to share with us a moment of silence.........            
Alright! Out with the old and in with the new! The new server has a much better outlook and with it brought many new ideas to the crew. (The crew chose not to comment when asked what those ideas were) So now the Crew are back at thier normal hours and have full capabilities agian!

-Okay.. was it just us.. or was the internet screwy? Anyway, im updateing--finally- sorry about the delay..
-we now have a list of power levels, im sure it will get better after awhile, after I watch everthing.. agian.. Sounds like fun to me!! heehee... mmm Gokou.. **The Man** you called?......**every one ignores him**.....
-well, I got most of my pictures up, but its just so tediouse going through all of them I suposse that means that I should organize them.. hm.. oh well
- Manymany new pages.. loads of fun
-added the Multi section and STJ, want to add lots of links..


Now, Don't get me Wrong.... I always hate those people that have a page on themselves to. But now I know why. If your an artist, Its like creating a the most beautiful thing then signing your name- knowing that everyone will know it was YOU who did this. Well, that's how I feel about it anyway... here goes...

Obbsessed! I am Obsessed, at least thats what my friends tell me.. i admit to it though, and im here to stay. First of all, I suposse I should tell you that, Zuci, me, gets with Gokou in my story, 'Black Star, A Sayia-jin Story' the first saga of DBEX, not Chichi, in fact i think its safe to say that I hate Chichi. Very much so.. but, anyway, i love Japanese culture and language, so youll see it pop up, and i like to think i can draw so, (not as well as most of my friends, though )if i Ever get my web page up, itl be up there... or on others.. and I want everyone to know that I like using other peoples ideas *and* giving them creadit.. also im a pervert, hentai, whatever.. im cool with all sorts of story's, yaoi, yuri, shonenai, i spelt that wrong, haha... too early... I love Gundam W, too, but im pritty much into only 1x2, i mean, ill read the other stuff, and some of its good and all, but i REALLY like 1x2, i have no idea why. I have a friend who is agianst all yaoi. She's in love with Duo. She thinks that there is NO evidence that there MIGHT be a relation ship betwen them. yeah, i bet your thinking the same thing i am if your still reading this. She's not exatly my closeest friend. i write lots of story's for my friends who used to all like DBZ but then changed to other things, cept for me and kitty, everyone else is jumpy.. aaaaaand.... i HATE chichi.. I don't like Relena either...lesse...oh, i also hate it when people do reviews like 'good' 'sucks' 'YOUR A BITCH, I CANT BELIVE YOU WOULD DO THAT, AND IT SUCKED' ... well, i dont know about you, but i always put warnings in the summmary, so if ya' don like it, don read it... and GOKOU IS NOT STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wanted a page on me by itself 'cause if I didn't then it would slip in other area's and .... well, it would be annoying.

Updates- (before put on the web)
*Dang! I lost 8 1/2 HOURS!..... uhhh, I have to do it again.
*i finally wrote down all the episode tittles, ill update them some other time
* Don't think Im gunna put up all my pics, maybe if lots of people ask for more... donno yet.
*finnaly created specific back rounds for authors and artists, hope more people join.
*links! I have to write down all my links