Dragonball EX                      Chapter one
Black Star, A Saya-jin Story

    This story begins after Dragonball GT, after Gokou had been wished back to an adult. The Dragonball’s were recollected and everyone was wished to be 18 years old, so that the universe would be safe longer. *Warning this is an alternate time line, most of it is the same, *some* is different*

    Son Gokou, now at the age of 19, is training in the Adasu meadows. He was lazily throwing punches < faster then the eyes can see > at an imaginary enemy, when he suddenly felt a ki that was as strong as his. He paused in mid flip, searching for this person whose ki was just barely under his own. Upside-down, he could feel the ki fading rapidly.

Gokou- “*So, he’s trying to hide from me,.... that means he can see me!*”

Gokou spins around scowling, he should have been paying more attention, the ki was right behind him, only about 50 meters. Gokou concentrates on the ki, finally seeing the owner of it behind a tree, the figure suddenly charged off.

Gokou- “*And now begins the chase..*”

Using his senses to watch the flying figure in front of him, he flies after.

Gokou- “* He’s fast,*”mused Gokou, “* but not fast enough!*”

Gokou powers up to Super Saya-jin, feeling the rush of adrenalin and raw power surging through him.
* Well,*” Concluded Gokou,  “*If nothing else, at least I might get a _real_ workout for once.*”
    But he did not have time to think, as the being he was chasing powered up, Gokou sensed something familiar about the ki, but dismissed it. The individual, powered up more, releasing so much raw energy that Gokou had to maneuver out of the way from the loose energy blast’s. Gokou once again looked at this being he was chasing, something was wrong . . .

Gokou-* What the hell???*

      The golden aurora that covered the other was that of a super Saya-jin . . . like himself, but  not anyone he knew, Gokou frowned.

Gokou- * This could prove most interesting. *

He loved racing, but decided that enough is enough.

Gokou- * Ill teleport in front of him, then ill be able to fight . . . and not just chase.*

    Gokou is now face to face in a battle position, as a Super Saya-jin, to a Super Saya-jin in a battle position, but, the different shape of the body, a woman?!?!?

Gokou-* So beautiful...damn, I will not be swayed by her looks, she could be dangerous!*

But, he does have some interesting thoughts about her in the first few seconds that he see’s this strange new Saya-jin.

They both power down enough to slip out of Super Saya-jin, but not changing their poker-face like stare. Sizing each other up. Gokou reaches out with all his senses to find if she was evil or not. He could not find a trace of evil, only then did he relax and ‘stand’ in mid air. Straitening his back, he could feel her eyes on him, scanning his powerful, well built body.

Gokou- “ Konichiwa.”

    The Saya-jin woman looks at him shocked, < as if he was speaking a different language >he supposed that she was because he had “totally relaxed” in the middle of a fight.
* If I ever did this while fighting Vegita, he would try to kill me.*
He almost smiled, but caught himself.

    The Saya-jin woman tosses a very avoidable punch at him, only then did he smile. Gokou avoids it, fading out, then in right behind her. They fight, throwing many surprise attacks, but the latter always knew it was coming for some odd reason. The fighting increased, blazing through the sky at an incredible rate.

Gokou and the Saya-jin stop at the same moment in the meadows below, their faces barely an inch apart. Both fighters in battle ready forms, the Saya-jin girl relaxes.

Saya-jin- “Nice warm-up.< she nods at him once > My name is Zucina, call me Zuci. Sorry about attacking you like that, though it _was_ exciting. I had thought your were evil, now I see that you aren’t. ”
Gokou- “ My name’s Son Gokou, most of my friends call me Gokou.”

Gokou was still taken aback by the sight of this female Saya-jin, Zuci. She realized that he was not completely satisfied.
Zuci- “ Nani?” She crossed her arms.

Gokou looked her over, she looked about 18, in <good for fighting in> a strange looking leather-like outfit of dark blue, he some how knew it was Saya-jin armor.

Gokou- “ Where did you come from? Doko? I haven’t sensed your ki on earth before.”
Zuci-( She decided that he could be trusted and wanted to have his help. So she decided to tell him everything about her self, just not in too much detail. ) “ Well, when Freezer destroyed our home planet, Vegita-sai, my father had just barely escaped with me still as an infant. My father was so enraged with Freezer, that he raised me for the sole purpose of killing him.”
{Pause} Zuci gets a faraway look in her eyes, then sits quietly, in mid-air. She looks up at Gokou, he sits with her, crossed-legged.
Zuci- “ But, it seems someone else got to him first.{She glances at Gokou.} A long time ago too. {shifts unconsciously closer to Gokou.} You see, my father didn’t want me too get hurt, I had to become < raises hands in exasperation.> a _million_ times stronger then Freezer. By the time I was that powerful, Freezer had been dead for about a year. So, here I was, a super Saya-jin, just wondering around the universe. I decided to help people that could use an extra super powerful being on the side, and I travel to planets in need of help.”

Gokou remind silent, letting this all sink in.
Gokou- “ You came from Vegita-sai, and you’re a super Saya-jin, so that means you’re a Saya-jin.”
Zuci- “ Hai( very sarcastically), dooshite?”
Gokou- “ Just wondering. So, you have a tail?”
Zuci- “ Hai, don’t you have yours?”
Gokou-( Shakes head ) “I had it removed at birth.”
Zuci- “ I can give you your tail back..”
Gokou- “ Really?”
Zuci- “ Dewa. I was very valuable to my father because I could bring back anyone’s tail, I just had to know what kind they wanted.”
Gokou- “ Hontou.... travel the universe helping planets in need,  wait a minute, does that mean earth is in trouble??”
Zuci jumps up from where she sat, Gokou followed.
Gokou- “ NANDESUKA???”
Zuci- “ Sakai. Is. Coming.....  Sakai is a black star  that is to powerful for one alone to destroy. Believe me, I’ve tried, and.....Wait, there is a reasonably high ki coming.”
She turns her head to watch the figure flying towards them. Gokou then reaches out with his senses to find who it is, he smiles.
Gokou- “ That ‘reasonably high power’ belongs to my second son, Goten.”
Zuci- “ Odd, he’s about the same age as you.”
Gokou- “ All the powerful warriors and there families on this planet, mostly my friends, were wished to be young again so that we could protect the universe longer.”
Zuci- “ Really, something like that { tuning younger } happened to me.”
They give each other a strange smile as Goten lands next to Gokou, in a battle stance, ki flaring.
Goten- “ Otoosan,{sheathing} I felt two ki’s flare over here. It felt as if you were fighting someone. Someone, that I don’t know. Are you all right?”
Gokou- “ Im fine Goten-San.”
Goten looks Zuci over as Gokou introduces them. Gokou doesn’t seem to appreciate it ether.

Dragonball EX                      Chapter two
Black Star, A Saya-jin Story

{ At Gokou and Chichi’s house. }
Everyone is at the Son house. Zuci had been telling them about how she got to earth as she had told Gokou.

Zuci- “ . . . so that’s how I got here,” She sighs. “ But I must tell you about Sakai.”

Everyone is sitting at the large kitchen table in the Son house. At the head of the table is Zuci, then Bulma to her right, next to her is Krillin, Goten, Trunks, and Gokou, on the left side of Zuci. ( Chichi was over at Gohan’s, annoying him.)

Zuci- “Sakai is a small black star that had never caused any evil or good. But once, while I was helping a stranded spaceship, that star started to glow. Glowing with such power. . . . an evil ki. This star’s ki was beyond that of my own. So I went in search of other powerful ki’s that might help if the need should arise. I had just landed on a planet that was trying to ward off some men of Freezer’s, when a strange blast of energy came strait toward the planet. It was from Sakai. I of course  went up to block it, so that it would not damage any of the people below. I powered up and was about to execute a blast when the energy from Sakai hit suddenly. I felt no pain, there wasn’t even any energy in it . . .  the blast was gone, I went back down to the planet. Looked around, up, at the beings I was supposed to be helping, and I realized I was a child. I was still strong enough to get rid of Freezer’s men.  They weren’t a problem. But I noticed I couldn’t control all of my power, so I went off to train. For seven years I trained myself to control my powers. . .” {Looking at Gokou, Trunks, and Goten } “. . . all the while becoming stronger and stronger. I felt Sakai moving one day, followed its corse in my mind if it stayed in a strait line. It was heading strait for chikyuu. I had to get here first.  I left immediately for this world, a year and six days early. I must warn you, the star itself is not what worries me, it’s the dormant being inside that does.”

Zuci ends her little speech by leaning over the table, hands braced on the table, facing Gokou, Goten, and Trunks. They all get sweat drops, big eyes, and a drop of drool. Bulma hits them all on the head and asks about the technology on her home planet and the other planets she went to. Zuci was startled by all the questions but kneels and takes a notebook from a small bag and gives it to Bulma to read. The book was made up of blue prints of the other places most interesting technology. Bulma gets very exited jumping up and down and tells everyone that she has to go to her lab to try all of it out. Zuci tries to warn her to read the side notes but decides that Bulma is smart enough to read all warnings.  

At that moment Vegita chooses to come in through the door facing Bulma and Zuci. Zuci and Vegita’s eyes meet. Vegita suddenly looks very surprised and confused.

Zuci- “ O-Vegita-sama! (Said in a disbelieving tone-the Japanese there means “King Vegita lord!”)   She stays kneeling, puts a fist over her heart, then bows. She dose not move until Vegita had walked directly in front of her, she looks up but dose not move otherwise.
Vegita- “Anata wa dare desu ka?” (“Who are you?”)

She explains agian, during this time the others in the group were stunned into silence and also did not move until Zuci was done explaining.

Vegita listened intently while the new Saiya-jin woman spoke.  When she finished he briefly touched her shoulder and she stood.(He was magically on some steps, so he was taller the she.)
They looked at each other a second longer (in the eyes, its a Saiya-jin mind thing it gives each the chance to look into the others life memories.) And Vegita smiled. A REAL SMILE! Not a smirk. This was a smile of pride and of joy. Trunks and Bulma face faulted sweat droped and droped to the floor in surprise! Gokou was just mildly surprised and smiling. The others were in utter denial.

Vegita- “ You know, that’s the first time anyone has greeted me formally on this planet? Its been years, Domo Arigato Gozaimasu.”(Thank you very much)
Now Gokou face faulted at this. Vegita (still smiling) sits down at the table with the others.
(:< Just to explain, Zuci didn’t believe it was Vegita, then realized he was. She found in his eyes that he had been missing the attention of being king, so she then did a VERY formal greeting to please him. They are squared away now ‘’cus they ‘remember’ each other through the mind thing..>:)
    Bulma first sits down in an easy chair facing the door to quickly scan the pages. Zuci follows her to help her understand the other languages and to give the other warriors time to talk about her. And they were. They all wondered if her story was true, or if she could be trusted, except Vegita. Gokou had made up his mind that she could be trusted and that she had a good soul, just a little misguided sometimes. But they others weren’t so sure, they wondered, and they thought that something might be missing from her ‘life’ story.

A few seconds later, Dende’s voice suddenly pops into everyone’s minds and says hello. He explains to Zuci who he is and why he is here and everything, then tells everyone about the new Dragonball’s that he created. The Blue Star Dragonball’s, which can grant three wishes every 8 months. He leaves their minds after that saying that he will be watching over them, and that he hopes for us to train hard.

Bulma- “Chichi-san!”

Gokou and the others turned toward Bulma to make sure she said what they thought she said, but she was looking at the door. They then looked toward the door to see . . .  Chichi!

Gokou- “Konichiwa Chichi-san.”
Chichi- “Konichiwa . . .”

Chichi wasn’t looking at Bulma or Gokou though, her gaze was directed to Zuci who suddenly looked uncomfortable.

Zuci- “Konichiwa, hajimemashite Chichi-san, namae wa Zuci desu.” ( Hello, it is the first time we meet Chichi, my name is Zuci. )

Chichi- “Ah, doozo yoroshiku.” ( ‘Oh, the first time.’ Literally meaning ‘Please extend a special favor to me’ but is used as a reply for ‘Hajimemashite’ )

         There seemed to be some friction between the two women, but ever the proper hostess, Chichi would not let it bother her. A silence past over the house.

Gokou- “Chichi-san?”
Chichi- “Hai, Gokou-san?
Gokou- “Anata wa boki desu.” (You look sick)
Chichi- “Arigato Gokou-san.” ( sarcastically) (silence) (Everyone is looking back from Chichi to Gokou to Zuci)
Bulma- “Ikaga wa Gohan-kun ga Desu ka?”( How is Gohan? )(tentatively)
Chichi’s face lights up at the mention of Gohan’s name, and then the talking began.
Chichi- “Gohan-chan is fine! But did you know that he and Videl-chan were fighting? Well, I set them strait and . . . (ECT.)”

Gokou rolls his eyes and looks back towards all his friends, who all did the same. Zuci and Bulma were the only ones who didn’t react in the same way. Bulma was actually listening and Zuci was about to fall asleep.
Gokou (interrupting Chichi very loudly.)- “Zuci-chan, anata wa tsukaratae masu. You should rest now. . .” ( ‘Zuci dear, You look tired.’ tired= exhausted )
Zuci- “Oh, I do? I am tired, a nap would be nice.”
Chichi- “Good! Ill go make a bed up for you right away!”  

She goes of happily smiling at the chance of house work. Another silence comes over the group and Goten breaks it.

Goten- “ She is way to happy when she is cleaning . . .”

Everyone one laughs and Trunks chokes on his drink. Goten slaps his back hard, sending him flying across the room. He stops in mid air and flies back toward Goten with a mock angry face. Trunks gets his hands around Goten’s throat and the other one pulled back for a punch.

Gokou- “Outside!!”
Everyone looks at Gokou in shock.
Gokou- “ Now!!”

Goten flashes a peace sign with one hand and the other hand behind his head. Trunks flashes a smile and lets go of Goten. Trunks then flies out a window head first and waits for Goten as he slowly floats on his back feet first. As if he were floating on water. Trunks then pulls him through, but Goten acts scared and grabs the window sill. The sill is about to crack when Goten lets go and smashes into Trunks. The young men battle outside, while the group inside laughs, even Vegita.
While Zuci watches the two fighters outside, studying them, Krillin must leave, ‘To attend to my bitchy wife.’.

Chichi- “All right, your bed is ready!”

Zuci looks surprised as Chichi grabs her hand and drags her to the bed room. There are some muffled yells coming from the room, Gokou and Vegita glance at each other. The sounds stop and Chichi emerges from the hall way with Zuci’s clothes in her arms. She passes right by the handsome Saya-jin’s and to the laundry room. Again, Gokou and Vegita look at each other in surprise, wondering what happened.

 Ten minuets later the two Saya-jin warriors are on the roof watching the sparing.

Gokou- “*She’s asleep . . .*”
Vegita- “*I know, I could sense that . . .*”
Gokou- “*Sorry . . .*”
Vegita-( Smiles at Gokou in a brotherly way. Then drops it before the other could see it. ) “*Do you think she can be trusted?*”(opinion)
Gokou- ( Blushes slightly. ) “*Hai, I feel that she can.*”
Vegita-( Turns to Gokou looking mildly surprised.) “* You like her, don’t you?*”
Gokou- “*Well, she seems nice, and she’s strong...*”
Vegita- “* Kawaii...*”( and cute...)
Gokou- ( Looks at Vegita.)“* Really? I hadn’t noticed.*”
Vegita-( smiles a brotherly smile for a second then turns to the two fighters. ) “They need to be taught a lesson.” Vegita say’s this mumbling.
Gokou- “Who? What did you say?”
Vegita- “You wanna spar?”
Gokou- (looks confused a second but then settles to spar.) “All right, but what did you say?”
Vegita- “Nothing!”
    He jumps backwards and lands on the ground with a thump. Gokou shakes his head then jumps to the side, off the roof, onto the ground with no sound. They stare at each other. They strike.

Dragonball EX                   Chapter three
Black Star, A Saya-jin Story

           The next morning Zuci wakes up in a warm bed. She lays still for a moment remembering why she was here and smiles. She doesn’t change the rate of her breathing or open her eyes, instead she uses her other senses to take in her surroundings. She feels the warmth of the sun on her body, the sheets were kicked down to her feet so she felt warm all over. She could feel a slight current and could smell the crisp, clean, mountain air wafting in from the cracked window. Another smell was of some sort of meat cooking and Zuci rises, feeling very hungry. Only when she had sat up did she open her eyes. The sun was streaming down into the room through the glass window, still warming her even though she only had panties on. She thought back to when Chichi had practically ripped off her clothes and she had to almost fight her just to keep this one garment. Zuci shakes her head in disbelief, thinking how such a person like Chichi had gotten Gokou. She sighs then stands up and stretches her arms back behind her head, inspecting herself in the full-length mirror that happened to be there. Her stomach growls and she doubles over in near pain.
Zuci- “Im starved!”   She gasped in the pain of hunger.

Chichi suddenly appears in the bedroom door with a strange smile and Gokou right behind.
Chichi- “ Good morning! Your clothes are ruined and your not quite my size, and of course, being a Saya-jin, you like to fight, so I made an outfit for you out of one of Gokou’s. Hope you don’t mind.”
Zuci- “ Good morning to you two too. And thank you for your trouble.”
    Zuci looks at Gokou’s outfit of blue and orange, wondering what the one that Chichi made will look like. Her gaze flows over his body, from his black boots up to his waist then chest, concentrating on following his breathing. She then looked to his angel face, which was blishing and looking away from her bare chest, and she held her gaze steady there until he finally turned towards her. Chichi walks over to her and very confidently tries to fit the new out fit on Zuci making many changes. Gokou’s and Zuci’s eyes meet and both shiver from the intensity. Zuci shudders slightly.
Chichi- “DON’T MOVE IF YOU..*ahem* desire this attire to align properly..”
Zuci- “Gomen..”
The two warriors are still looking deep into each others eyes. Each were thinking of the other and so their thoughts accidentally joined.
Gokou- “*Pure, deep, sad, black eyes, I wonder what hardships she has suffered to look so pained..*”
Zuci smiles with a twinkle in her eyes, covering the sadness. Gokou blushes a deeper red and breaks eye contact for a split second, realizing she had heard his thoughts. When he looks at her again, she tenses.
Zuci- “*My life story, all you need to do is ask..*”
She then sends him all her memories of her life flashing in his mind and before his now glazed eyes. (This is in much more detail then what she had told everyone earlier.)
Chichi- “Ano, do you smell something burn-AH! My bacon!!”
Zuci watches Chichi leave then inspects her new clothes, changing a few things. She walks over to Gokou, her new outfit fitting quite nicely. Gokou’s eyes return to normal and he’s frowning slightly. He places a warm, tender, hand on Zuci’s shoulder, knowing now that she won’t mind.
She gives him a peck on the cheek, pinches his ass in a playful way,( its a Saya-jin thing, and Gokou now has more “memories” of being a Saya-jin, so that’s now normal for him.) and runs for the kitchen. Gokou places two fingers on his forehead and smiles that dangerous smile of a Saya-jin. He then teleports into the kitchen right before Zuci arrives, smiling at her in the same way. She smiles back, then sits politely at the kitchen table. She smiles mischievously at him, but stops whenever Chichi looks her way. Witch in turn makes Gokou laugh, because she almost gets caught every time, but never quite. Chichi becomes very annoyed.
Chichi- “Gokou-kun! SHUT-UP!!”
Gokou is still chuckling at Zuci’s antics and doesn’t bother to respond to Chichi. Who wouldn’t have cared anyway. Chichi places four plates of breakfasts foods in-front of Gokou and Zuci, then goes back to the sink to wash the mountain of dishes(witch she dirtied herself).
Zuci- “It smells good. What is it?”  
Gokou- “Its a kind of meat that is really good when fried.”
Chichi looks at Gokou funny then goes back to washing dishes.
Zuci- “Someone is at the door for you Chichi-san.”
Chichi- “ How did you- oh, never mind...It must be Nacho, he’s an old friend that needs to relax so I invited him here. He’ll be able to relax all the way out here, so far away from the city..”
Gokou rolls his eyes as he stuffs his face, Zuci giggles as she does the same.

Dragonball EX                      Chapter four
Black Star, A Saya-jin Story

That afternoon...

All the DBEX warriors were gathered in an empty field of flowing grass and hard, brown rock. Bulma had called them earlier to tell them that she was finished with the new gravity trainer. Each warrior looked around for this ‘huge’ gravity room, but none of them found it. Over a loud speaker some where Bulma began to speak.
Bulma- “Don’t look for it, you won’t find it. Its not up yet, don’t worry I’ll explain in a minuet, but first, the ones who aren’t training must leave. Unless they want to be stuck in gravity of 1000x normal?”
Gokou- “Well, we had better start soon. Or do you guys think we can eat first?”
Zuci- “Eating would be good, but only if you can best me in a spar!”
Gokou- “Is that a challenge?” (Mockingly)(Smiles that Saya-jin smile again.)
Chichi- “Goodbye my little Baby’s!!! *sob* Gohan, don’t forget to study!!*sob**sob* Goten!! Don’t hang around your father’s friends to much! And don’t hurt any one!!!”
Zuci looks at Chichi funny at those last comments and so do the others. Gohan and Goten get huge sweat drops and droop their heads. Before Chichi is out the door Nacho stops her and whispers in her ear.
Chichi- “Oh yeah. Bye Gokou.”
Chichi then disappears behind the wall. Nacho gives a nervous smile to Gokou and the others, then evacuates. The seven warriors glance at each other then wait for Bulma to give the signal to begin training.
Bulma could be heard yelling at someone harshly then suddenly a red glow began to emanate from certain points in the field. The red ‘wall’ of light spread from directly behind them to both sides, about ten miles in all, then turning at a 90 degree angle forming a 10 mile long, 10 mile wide, and 10 mile high, red, glowing field. The warriors looked through the red glow to see Bulma right out side of it, smiling at their bewildered faces. She was wearing her normal dark green dress and a white laboratory coat over it.
Bulma- “Well? How do you like it? (She doesn’t wait for the fighters to respond and goes on...) The gravity has not yet been turned up so that you could relax for a bit. The field has a maximum of 100,000,000x normal gravity. But, im not going to turn it up that high at first.. You have complete control over the gravity, (Shifts her gaze towards Krillin.) there are even specific areas were you can train at a different level that the others But, I have the last say if you want to turn it up more. (Sigh.)I won’t stop you unless I don’t think your ready.”
She ends her little speech by waving her finger at Vegita. Everyone goes silent, and Bulma looks confused. Krillin frowns suddenly and steps towards the wall, looking behind Bulma to another figure.
Krillin- “Who are you?”
Vegita- “(Mumbling) ..Why does your ki seem familiar?”
The being walked slowly forward and Bulma backed up through the wall, then ran behind Vegita, knowing there might be a fight. As the silhouette walked into the light, Krillin gasped. He had fallen in love at first sight with the blonde haired, green eyed beauty. Her body moved with sinuous curves. Her beauty was like that of an angel to Krillin as he looked her over.
Angel- “My . . .name is . . . Angel. I have come here in peace to . . . find my . . . brother.”
Krillin and the others were taken aback by the bluntness of that statement. They collectively gasped as a long white tail wrapped around her waist undid itself and its tip fell slowly to the ground. Zuci glance’s at her own tail now wrapped protectively around her thigh, then stepped forward and smiled at Angel.
Zuci- “Angel-san, is there something we can do to help you find your brother?”
Angel- “Hai... he is... king... of...”
Her eyes rolled back into her head as she fell unconscious. Krillin was by her side in an instant to catch her, Vegita ran over to Krillin and Angel (while she was still falling) and violently pushed Krillin away, catching Angel himself. Gokou placed a questioning hand on Vegita’s shoulder after he watched Krillin get up and glare at Vegita. Vegita shrugged the hand off abruptly and flew off in the direction of his dwelling. The group stares plainly after him. They collectively turn to each other, with the exception of Krillin, still staring after Vegita and Angel.
Zuci- “Trunks-san, Bulma-san, do you have any idea what that was all about?”
Trunks shakes his head and looks slightly embarrassed as Bulma on the other hand was getting very angry and she started yelling at the sky (Vegita). Goten and Gohan slap Trunks on the back with amused grins.
Goten- “Looks like your Otoosan is trying to pick up on another woman, ne? Trunks-kun?”
Bulma- “Goten! Yamero!”(Stop.)
Goten smiled sheepishly and pats Trunks’s shoulder reassuringly.
Zuci watches Gokou stare up at the sky where Vegita had gone. She looks amused as he quietly teleports away. She glances at the others then fades away and re-appears 100 yards away. Then she silently glides towards Gokou’s and Vegita’s ki.  

Vegita arrives at the capsule corp. building that is his home, and quickly sets to work putting Angel in the rejuvenating tank, not paying attention to Gokou who was leaning on the door frame when he walked in.
Vegita- “Why did you follow me?”
Gokou- “You were acting stranger than normal, I wanted to know what was going on with this new Saiya-jin too. Though she doesnt look saya-jin I could feel it in her ki. Do you know her?”
Vegita- “***If she’s who I think she is, her real name is Rhubarb, my sister...***” (*this means he thinks it*)
Zuci slips in from the other room.
Zuci- “Oh my.”
Vegita flinches slightly upon hearing her voice. Then turns toward her.
Vegita- “If you don’t mind, could you stay out of my thoughts...” He say’s this with menace dripping.
Zuci- “Sorry, but its as if you said it out-loud..”
Vegita- “*Grunt* It doesn’t matter anyway, you would have found out sometime. . . Rhubarb is my sister who I thought was dead when Freezer blew up our planet, that’s one of the reasons I wanted to kill that Creature so much. *Mumbles* Even though you took that away from me, Kakkoratto. ( Gokou bows his head in thought over the kings words, witch he only barely heard) *speaks up* As it seems, she must have survived somehow. She is a very rare breed indeed, she is only part Saiya-jin but both parents, my parents, were full blooded Saiya-jin’s. She had been the barer of a vary rare gean that shows its self only once every millionth generation. She had a higher power than I, when she was born and was labeled as a threat to Freezer. Now I finally have her back, and I won’t let her out of my sight again.”
Gokou & Zuci- “Oh.”
Gokou- “Well . . . I guess we could get her sensu. Instead of waiting an hour for the rejuvenating tank to work.”
Zuci- “Sensu? Who’s that?”
Vegita and Gokou both get wide eyes and sweat drops, Vegita sighs and Gokou falls to the floor.
Zuci- “What did I say? Who’s sensu? (Puts hands on hips.)
Gokou pats Vegita on the back telling him to explain it while he goes and gets sensu beans. Zuci corners Vegita and asks that he tell her what a sensu is. He floats into another room and while he does he telepathically tells her all she needs to know about the sensu. Gokou appears next to Zuci and she trips over him pushing them both to the ground, Zuci sprawled across Gokou’s lap. Gokou chuckles and levitates up, handing the sensu to Vegita who wouldn’t have let Gokou touch Angel anyway. Vegita tenderly retrieves Angel from within the rejuvenating tank and carefully slips the sensu into her mouth.
A few seconds later Angel comes too.
Angel- “Vegita? Is, is that you? OH! Its been so long! (She throws her arms around Vegita and he returns the embrace with a tear in his eye.)”
Vegita- “Rhubarb...”

2 hours later . . .

Everyone was gathered in the gravity room once again and were all gathered around Angel as she slowly told her story.

-Yeah.. I leaving you hanging... but you will figure it out.. Or when I type it

A summary would go like, when the planet blew up she was rescued, now after searching for her brother she has finally found him.
    After explaining this they all decided to train! For a year they trained under heavy gravity and harsh sparring. Some of the warriors had to take breaks to rejuvenate themselves. And powerful bonds and relationships were formed.

Dragonball EX
Black Star, A Saya-jin Story                                  Chapter five

Emptiness. Rocks piled halfway to the heavens and darkness, strange scenery for the fight for the universe. Once again held on earth, The magnet for all evil or powerful force’s wanting control of everything.
Gokou, Gohan, Goten, Trunks, Zuci, Vegita, Krillin, and Angel, are gathered were the battle with Sakai would take place. In the distant night sky there was a bright star coming strait for earth. All the warriors looked to Gokou and Zuci who were standing on a different platform of rocks then the others. All the others were standing on different rocks, Krillin and Angel were together, Goten and Trunks together, Vegita and Gohan together. Gokou and Zuci looked to each other, Zuci smiled slightly and both turned to the others.  
Gokou- “Kamihameha all together.”
Zuci- “Power-up!”
      They all nodded in acknowledgment and raised their voices in power.
All- “HeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAA . . . ”
The bright star inched forward in the sky toward them...
All- “Kaaaaaaaaaaa . . . ”
From miles away you could hear a strange echo...
All- “Meeeeeeeeee . . . ”
The warriors bust into colorful flames as they powered up even farther...
All- “Haaaaaaaaaa . . . ”
There was a pause as the fighters turned super Saiya-jin or others struggled with their hold on the enormous power.
All- “MeeeeeEEEEE . . . ”
All- “Kk-k-k.”
They blasted their power into the sky toward the star Sakai with one final cry.
The warriors stayed in their positions. Breathing slightly harder. Seconds later a bright flash of light blinded all sight. As the flash dimmed, millions of tiny sparkling rocks could be seen flying everywhere.
Somewhere else in the mountains a Saiya-jin pod nears landing, lost to the sight of the warriors by blending with the falling rocks.
Zuci jumps down to check on the others and Gokou turns to face them.
Gokou- *“We used a lot of energy in that blast, but no one looks too tired, good.”*
Sakai, the dormant being inside of the cursed star, emerges from the curtain of smoke, like a demon, that surrounded them. He is a huge, grotesquely huge, being the size of four above average muscled men. Deep purple hair all swept to his right side, striking yellow eyes, and strange metallic like black pants, and another strange looking black material covering his torso not unlike a shirt.  
None had noticed this being yet, for it had not yet demonstrated its power. Sakai points at Gokou’s back, not caring who it was, just wanting to kill something. It powers up slightly, just enough to kill something. Gokou had not sensed the ki, nor did anyone else. A bright yellow beam of light is fired toward Gokou’s back, Gokou turns around to stop it, but instead is thrown back by Krillin who had just taken the full force of the blast. Zuci is right behind Gokou, also in an attempt to push him out of the way. As Krillin is knocked back against Gokou and Zuci, he sends a telepathic message to all of the fighters.
Krillin- “*Please stop him, use your anger over my death to over power him before he can hurt anyone else..*”  
Angel drops to her knees with Krillin’s body inches away. It slowly disappears into the next realm. As Angel witnesses this she screams.
Angel- “NNNNOOOoooooooooooo!”
Gokou and Zuci get up slowly.  Their anger was obvious in their ki’s. Both warriors flared up with power as did the others in their rage. The two lovers’ eyes flashed red with hate, their ki jumped higher than ever before, hair shimmering blue, and the power around them flaunted itself with silver flickers, then they returned to normal. The others witnessed this, and gave no heed to the power they felt, all but Vegita. He closed his eyes, thought for a few moments and smiled an ironic smile. He then crouched to his fighting stance and powered up to super Saiya-jin two.
She launched herself at him in her fury and struck Sakai’s face hard, enough to draw blood. The villain did not budge except for a slight move of the hand to his face to remove the blood. The other hand came full force at Angel and knocked her away, harsh enough to break her neck. With a sickening crack, Angel fell to the sandy ground. In her last moment of consciousness, she spoke to God.
Angel- “*Dear God, no. I failed him, I failed my love, and now I won’t ever see him again.. His body disappeared..*”
Dende- “*Krillin is safe here, do not worry Angel..*”
Angel- “*What? Where is he..?*”
Dende- “* Krillin is here with me on my tower, don’t fret, you and all else who die will come here, since you all help in saving the world, you have your own set of rules..*”
Angel- “*Will I be able to see him and the others again?*”
Dende- “*Hai, now just relax..*”
                                                                                                                                                       Everyone is shocked at the turn of events. The fighters stood for seconds in silence watching Angels body evaporate like Krillin’s had. Zuci breaks the silence by drawing a shaking breath and getting into a fighting stance, glaring at Sakai’s monstrous form.
At the sight where the Saya-jin space pod had landed, some humanoid form rises and soars off to the fight.
                                                                                                                                                         A being enters the fight. She stands in between  the warriors and Sakai, speaking to Gokou and the others, but facing Sakai. Sakai seems to know her, but does not approach.
Braza- “My name is Braza. I am a Saya-jin who was raised by the great Freezer and genetically engineered from birth to fight . . . ” She say’s this in a harsh tone, as if she is tired of saying it. “ I am here to take Sakai away from this planet.” She stops talking to Gokou and the others. “ Now, Brother, why did you come here? You know you don’t have enough of a hold on your power to start conquering the universe yet. Are you going to come back with me to our ‘home’ or are you going to destroy this planet . . . ?”
Sakai does not answer. Braza becomes angry and turns to the assembled warriors. Her gaze flows over each fighter leisurely studying each of their power’s. Her gaze stops and lingers on Gohan, they seem to recognize each other.
Gohan- “ I know you..?” He whispers.
Braza seems to brighten slightly and she opens a telepathic link between herself and Gohan. They seem to stand staring at each other for hours, but in reality only a few seconds past. Meanwhile, Gokou and Zuci had been observing and telepathically conversing about what was happening. Gokou had picked up on some of Gohan’s thoughts, he found that Braza had been Gohan’s life mate in another lifetime!
Braza and Gohan smile at each other.  Gohan levitates over to stand beside his new found love. Suddenly they launch an attack at the gargantuan being! They fly at him side by side and each strikes him squarely in his opened chest. The power of the strike was palpable and generated a subtle earthquake. The powerful punches had not affected the beast. Sakai then looks down at the two surprised fighters smiling. His smile is insane looking and Gohan is genuinely disturbed by it. Gohan beats Sakai’s chest over and over, Braza participates. The beast then gathers his ki shooting beams from his eyes, one at each of the outraged fighters pummeling his untouched chest. Gohan and Braza don’t have enough time to react as the beams hit them. They fall in slow motion to the ground, but, Zuci and Gokou are there to catch them. They had been running toward the two, trying to get there to block the power beams.
Gokou- “Gohan . . .  my son.”
   Zuci- “Gohan . . .  no..”
Sakai laughs psychotically, while watching the saddened warriors. He took particular pleasure in Zuci’s sob’s. Gokou was indeed angry, but he knew that the more control he had over his emotions, the stronger he would become
Sakai- “I just killed my ‘sister’ and yet I feel no remorse! HAHAHA-HAHAHAHA-HA-HAHAHA-HA . . . (ECT.)”
Every one of the fighters now realizes that Gohan is dead as he disappears like the others. Sakai is bored while the others were just getting angry and he blew up a couple building’s in the distance laughing. But, Sakai had made a grave error, the buildings he had just absently blown up were Capsule Corporations  buildings!
Vegita immediately blows his top and attacks the beast. In a furry of fists, he tries to beat Sakai. But Super Saya-jin 4 Vegita cannot win. Vegita knows this, but doesn’t care, he just keeps slugging Sakai as hard as he can. Sakai gets annoyed, he can feel the punches enough to annoy him, and doesn’t like it. Sakai lifts both arms over his head, intertwines his fingers, then brings his fists down to Vegita’s back, breaking it. As this happens you can hear Zuci in the back-round screaming at Vegita to watch-out, and Gokou’s footsteps as he runs toward the fallen fighter, cursing. In his last moment he speaks very softly to the wind.
Vegita- “Trunks, Bra,  . . . Bulma-chan, I love you . . . ugh.”
And with those few words whispered into the setting sun’s sky, and breeze, the very honorable King of the Saiya-jin, dies.
Trunks- “Otoosan..”
Zuci- “Vegita-chan . . . ”
Gokou- “Kon’do . . .fukushuu... ”(“This time . . . revenge...”)
Gokou and Zuci pose to attack, but just as they were, they hear . . .
Trunks & Goten- “Fuuuu . . . Shion . . . HA!!!!”
The two lovers turn to see Gotanks in Super Saiya-jin 4 form and flying right toward Sakai. Gotanks and Sakai clash with their ki’s flaring in the darkening sky, each struggling for the upper hand.
Gokou- “They . . . are equal?..No . . . Gotanks is stronger!!”
It seems that Gotanks had found leverage on Sakai and was taking control of the battle. But Sakai would not allow that to happen. When he realized that he is being over powered, he backs off and began to change. A bright pink flame concealed the mass of Sakai, but his silhouette could be seen. Watching carefully the stunned fighters see as the shadow enveloped in the pinkish glow begins to condense. The expanse of the flame grew much larger, enveloping the night air and giving off a strangely disturbing luster.
The pinkish fire died down and Sakai’s new form could be seen. At first glance he seems unchanged, but on closer inspection one could see that the monstrosity had lost most of his size and now looked almost average. One could also tell that Sakai’s power had just gone remarkably higher. Gotanks was impatient now that he had been forced to wait and immediately flew forward at the enemy. Sakai faded out then in behind him, never seeming to move a muscle. These actions angered Gotanks to the point were he could not even follow the others ki. Gotanks turned to punch threw the air at Sakai’s shadow when the other winked into existence behind him and smash his fists into the Saiya-jin’s side. The pain was a white hot flash that had Gotanks doubled over as his hands gather his ki. All at once he ran to the side of the enemy placing his hands on Sakai’s stomach, Gotanks screams as he lets the power engulf his mind and body, syphoning it through his heavy arms and fists. The power reaches Sakai and he screams in pain. He then gathers his ki and creates a shield, using it to push Gotanks away and with enough force to knock them unconscious. The two friends lay side by side in the dust ridden silence, Trunks stirs, and he manages to stand. His always gorgeous hair now matted to his forehead with blood and sweat, his clothes torn and ripped revealing bloodied skin, and his entire body is covered in dust. Yet, he stands, not caring about his appearance, for he knows that he must do all he can to protect this world. Trunks power’s up to Super Saiya-jin 3 in his rage. He is able to hit Sakai, but the beast just stands there, smiling his insane smile. After a few seconds, Sakai gets bored and swats Trunks away. Trunks is caught very delicately by Zuci who jumps back, away from Sakai, and places Trunks about 100 yards from where he was about to fall. Gokou lands a few steps behind her with Goten in his arms. He places Goten, barely alive, next to Trunks. Gokou and Zuci fade and appear 10 feet in-front of Sakai, anyone could see that they were seriosly consumed by Rage. Another fighter appears on the field of battle before the two warriors can attack. Piccolo jumps to the ground in-front of Goten and Trunks, making quite a scene of himself as he enters.
Piccolo- “ . . . ”
Sakai- “...BwaAAAAhahahahaha... you need a green man to help you fight now, you puny, sorry excuse for Saiya-jin’s?”
Piccolo- “I may appear emerald, however, my pigment bears no chattel toward my potency prominence.”<translation: “Im green, but, that has nothing to do with my power level.”>
Sakai- “ . . . ”
Annoyed that he doesn’t understand what Piccolo said, Sakai blasts him before he could move. Gokou and Zuci are standing there, watching Piccolo’s body fall to the ground next to Goten. Sakai then amuses himself by creating little black pieces of night, in his shape. Gokou grits his teeth, possessed by rage and un-released power. Zuci thinks about the others, her friends, which have died, for no reason. If she hadn’t asked them for help, maybe they wouldn’t be dead.
And so, less than a minute after Braza had ended her speech, these two warriors, the only hope for the universe, are the only earth defending fighters standing. The two show their fury at the same instant as they erupt with flames of power licking at the night sky. They scream as they power up, tears are in their eyes from the pain of losing Krillin, Angel, Gohan, Vegita, and Piccolo(they think), and the hurt that Sakai caused Goten and Trunks.  As they power up, all reason in their minds disappear. Only one thought passes through each warriors mind.
Gokou and Zuci- “*Must become stronger to overcome . . .*”
Gokou and Zuci start to transform into a new kind of Saiya-jin. One that sparkles with silver energy instead of gold. This new form has a ki 100 million above anything else they have experienced. The Saiya-jin’s hair stays in the same shape as it would normally, but now shimmers with blue. The anger that one must have to reach this level turns the eyes a deep, blood red. The fire around them now a thick silver. In this form, tails grow a bit longer, and fangs grow permanently.
Sakai- *Smirk* “Go my creations, and destroy the unimportant, powerless Saiya-jin’s.”
Gokou- “ We are not-”
Zuci- “-as weak as you-”
Both- “-think.”
Sakai frowns, then waves his hand at the black things to continue. He looks toward the two warriors and smirks. The two beings flamed to life instantly.  The anger that flowed through them was immense in proportion. They erupted in silver light and fire. The ground beneath them disintegrated. Power exploded through the dark night air, too impatient and too willful to wait for any reaction from Sakai or any of his black creations.
It swept through the air like a scattering of knives, cutting apart the black things that surrounded them, turning them to less than dust before their screams of attack died away. The two protectors stretched forth their power, the power and silverish white hot light racing from within them, joining until there was no distinction of the two, just one. The Saiya-jin then threw back his head as the power ripped through him- harsh, defiant, and exhilarating.
They were transformed into one, and the fears they might of had (of losing each other) were lost as they, together at last in every way, could feel the enormous power. The being looked just like Gokou, except for the voice and the personality. Its voice was of both the warriors.
Goki- “I have arisen here to eradicate you. On behalf of the universe, I will.”
Sakai- “No-n-n-n-no... YOU CAN’T BEAT ME!!!”
Goki then fires an un-escapable array of beams at Sakai. Sakai manages to dodge one, then another, but gets gorged right through the heart by Goki’s hand blast. This one came from Goki who was right behind him, his hand barely an inch from the others body as he fired. Sakai manages to reason in his last moment and sends a message to Braza.
Sakai- “*Forgive me. I should have never wanted such power, nor come to this planet.*”
Braza- “*I forgive you.*”
Braza forgives him without shedding a tear. Sakai dies, Goki grits his teeth as he powers up slightly, then disintegrates Sakai’s body with an earth shaking blast.
Gokou and Zuci un-merge and embrace in happiness. They sit there in each others arms, comforting themselves with the others closeness.
Gokou- “Aaaaaaaaaa... everything’s tail hurts too...”
Zuci- “Can I kiss it and make it all better?”( Puppy-dog eyes)
Gokou- “Ah-ahh-aah-aah...(sweat-drops) .......hey..............(Looking down) Wait a minuet. ..”
Dende appears from no-where and hands each Saiya-jin two sensu beans, telling them of the others and that Braza was now on earths side. He also talks about how the Blue Star Dragonballs will be able to grant wishes in just one week.
Zuci- “You knew somebody would die, so you planned it like that, didn’t you?” (While eating her sensu, and Gokou too)
Gokou- “ I HAVE A TAIL!!”
Zuci- “What?”
Gokou- “ I SAID I HAVE a TAIL!!!”
Dende- “ Yes, Gokou, I was watching you both change from above and your tail grew back longer, and yours, Zuci, just grew a bit longer.”
Gokou-“Did anything else happen?”(Nervously checking himself, counting his fingers, ect.)

Zuci is next to him holding his and her own tail and measuring them.
Dende- “ Well, from what I saw, I think you also grew some fangs.”
Both are very surprised and Zuci gets and interesting smile. Then they both stand and start walking towards Trunks and Goten with Dende.
Dende smiles and gestures toward Goten and Trunks. Zuci gives a sensu to Trunks and Gokou gives a sensu to Goten. They both awake a moment later and smile at the person above, the other, then each other.
Their strength returned, the four head out to find Bulma and the Dragonballs. Bulma has five in her workshop and the others are very close.
Piccolo is found by his waterfall the next day and is given a sensu to recuperate fully.
One week later, the Dragonballs were collected and the blue star dragon was summoned. A great blue replica of the red star Dragon emerges from the clouds, lightning flashes every where, and in a deep sonorous voice he asks there three wishes. The first wish is to revive everyone killed by Sakai.
Blue star dragon- “By all means . . . your request has been bestowed.”
The other warriors have appeared in there houses. The second wish is to have the scarred earth rejuvenated. Again the dragon grants the wish, and the earth is unscarred. They then tell the dragon to go back to his rest and wait for the next time to grant the last wish.
The others that had been wished back rejoice when they meet up with Gokou, Zuci, Trunks, and Goten. Blissful, cheerful, delighted, ecstatic, and lighthearted feelings, arise from the group when they meet. Even Vegita is smiling, Bulma is hanging on his arms, never letting him out of her sight for fear of losing him once again.
The Universal Martial Arts Competition, which is two weeks from today. Today, only one week and a day after Sakai was destroyed.

    Next time on DBEX . . .  the Universal Martial Arts Competition wants the EX fighters to compete- which they have agreed to do, because they think the technology they have now will be able to follow their movements so that the audience can watch in slow-mo. But, what is this? Someone more powerful then Vegita and Goten fighting together? Gokou, you had better find and save the others before anyone innocent is destroyed! Or, the cosmos for that matter!